For Parents and Grandparents

Parenting/ Grand-Parenting Workshops

The staff at Origins Learning Community are parents and grandparents too. We understand how meaningful it can be at times and how stressful it can be. We want to offer our support beginning with educational workshops that speak to the heart of raising children. Parents and grand parents alike are welcome to join the workshops and become a part of our supportive community.

Here are just a few of the workshops we offer:

  • Toilet Learning with Patience and Love

  • Taking Time for Yourself Series

  • I Love You No Matter What Series— Guidance with Unconditional Love

  • New Parenting Support Series— Helping new parents bond with their babies and keep them safe.

  • Let's Learn and Play Together- Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten the DAP Way

Please contact us for more information.

Home Visits and One-on-One Mentoring

We can visit you personally in your home, giving you the personalized support and resources you and your child need. Home Visit Mentoring Includes:

Family surveys and questionnaires where we collect information about your family's needs and how we can help you best

Referrals to local community resources for families

Reliable professional training and advice from one of our trainers

Family Learning Kits created by our team as a gift to you. Family Learning Kits focus on social-emotional skills but can also include other areas of learning based on your needs.