Our Cause

Our Values

We value compassion and kindness. We value diversity and inclusivity. We value a child's right to make their own choices and PLAY.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all children get their developmental needs met, can feel confident, and can work along-side others in a globally diverse, compassionate, and peaceful world.

Our Mission

Origins Learning Community is dedicated to supporting young children's social- emotional development and promoting pro-social behavior in parents, teachers and children.

Achieving Our Mission

How: We offer adults personalized mentoring, training, and resources to make this happen.

Why: Without strong social-emotional skills, by the time children are preschoolers, they are three times more likely to have disruptive behavior problems and be excluded or ostracized. As they grow older, they are more likely to struggle academically, get expelled from or drop out of school and participate in bullying or criminal activity.  We must do everything we can to stop this and bring peace to children's lives.