Family Home Visitor

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"Harris County, Texas Families… We’re Here to Support You!

Starting September 2022, Origins Learning Community is launching our Family Home Visitor program free to families within the Harris County, Texas area raising children between the ages of birth and 6 years of age. Families can call our Support Line at (number coming soon) or email us at and someone will reply back to within 24 hours.

Get connected with a certified Family Home visitor who can:

  • Chat on the phone

  • Visit the home

  • Video conference with families.

We help families in so many ways!

  • Concerns with feeding/ eating, crying/ tantrums, sleeping

  • Learning how to assess and support their child's development and understanding when to seek help for developmental concerns.

  • Creating and doing fun learning activities around the home with their child that supports whole-child development.

  • Getting connected to additional community resources when needed.

  • Or sometimes, a parent just needs someone to listen. We can do that too!

Thank You to Our Supporters!

At Origins Learning Community we are not physicians or clinicians qualified to diagnose children with delays or disabilities but have formal training in understanding child development and best practices for collaborating with families to support their children's development within a culturally responsive framework. We are grateful to all of our nationally recognized and local community partners who have trained and supported us in our efforts, offering additional services and resources for the families we serve. Check out who they are (More to come)!